Ninja DT201 vs SP201: Which One Offers Value For Money?

Ninja DT201 vs SP201

Ninja is a leading brand that offers high-quality air fryers. Today, I will compare the Ninja DT201 vs SP201 models to determine which one offers better value. In this analysis, my focus will be on examining their key factors, specifications, and features.

The head to head comparison is a useful tool that can assist you in determining which option would be the most suitable for your needs. Without further delay, let’s start the battle of comparison.

Table of Comparison: Ninja DT201 vs SP201

FeatureNinja DT201Ninja SP201
Dimensions15.3”(W) x 20.5”(D) x 13.3”(H)15.33″D x 20.21″W x 8.15″H
Weights33.63 lbs12 lbs
CapacityExtra Large – fits 12Ib TurkeyLarge – fits 5lbs ingredients
Controls PanelDigital touchDigital touch
Preset Functions10-in-18-in-1
Cooking FunctionsAir Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Whole Roast, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Dehydrate, Reheat, PizzaAir Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Dehydrate, Keep Warm
Temperature Range100°F-450°F175°F-400°F
Preheat Time90 seconds60 seconds
Accessories IncludedCrumb tray, 2 sheet pans, 2 wire racks, roast tray, air fry basketCrumb tray, air fry basket, sheet pan, wire rack
Warranty1 year limited1 year limited
MaterialsStainless steelStainless steel
PriceUnder $300Under $200

Details comparison of Ninja DT201 vs SP201

In this section, I will provide greater information about the necessary details to compare and contrast these two models. Also, I will focus on the depth of the features & specifications.


The Ninja DT201 has external dimensions of 15.3 inches in width, 20.5 inches in depth, and 13.3 inches in height.

On the other hand, The Ninja SP201 is slightly smaller. The Ninja SP201 has external dimension of 15.33 inches in depth, 20.21 inches in width, and 8.15 inches in height. Its compact size may be advantageous for individuals with limited counter space.


The Ninja DT201 weighs 33.63 lbs, while the Ninja SP201 is significantly lighter at 12 lbs. The lighter weight of the Ninja SP201 makes it more portable and easier to move around if needed.


The Ninja DT201 offers an extra-large capacity of 12 liters, which is suitable for cooking larger quantities of food. It can ideal for families or gatherings. In comparison, the Ninja SP201 has a large capacity that suitable for 6 to 8 persons.

Controls Panel:

Both models feature a digital touch control panel, providing a modern and user-friendly interface for operating the air fryer. The digital touch controls make it easy to adjust settings and select cooking functions with precision.

Preset & Cooking Functions:

The Ninja DT201 offers 10-in-1 preset functions, providing a wide range of cooking options. These functions include Air Fry, Air Roast, Broil, Toast, Bake, Whole Roast, Bagel, Dehydrate, Pizza, and Reheat.

In contrast, the Ninja SP201 offers 8-in-1 preset functions, which include Broil, Toast, Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Bagel, Dehydrate, and Keep Warm.

The preset functions enable users to conveniently select the desired cooking mode for different recipes and ingredients. And, These cooking functions allow users to prepare a wide range of dishes.


Both the Ninja DT201 and the Ninja SP201 have a power output of 1800 watts. This power rating ensures fast and efficient cooking by delivering high heat for quick results.

Temperature Range:

The Ninja DT201 offers a temperature range of 100°F to 450°F, allowing for precise temperature control for various cooking techniques. Therefore, the Ninja SP201 has a slightly narrower temperature range of 175°F to 400°F.

While the Ninja SP201 may not reach the highest temperatures of the DT201, it still covers a range suitable for most cooking needs.

Preheat Time:

The preheat time refers to the duration required for the air fryer to reach the desired cooking temperature before food is placed inside. The Ninja DT201 has a preheat time of 90 seconds, while the Ninja SP201 has a shorter preheat time of 60 seconds.

The reduced preheat time of the SP201 can be advantageous for users who value quicker cooking processes.

Accessories Included:

Both models come with a set of accessories to enhance the cooking experience. The Ninja DT201 includes a crumb tray, 2 sheet pans, 2 wire racks, a roast tray, and an air fry basket. These accessories provide versatility and convenience for various cooking tasks.

On the other hand, the Ninja SP201 includes a crumb tray, an air fry basket, a sheet pan, and a wire rack, which are essential accessories for basic air frying and baking needs.


Both the Ninja DT201 and the Ninja SP201 come with a 1-year limited warranty. This warranty is for the customers satisfaction. It ensures coverage against any potential defects or malfunctions during the specified warranty period.


Both models are constructed with stainless steel. We all know, stainless steel makes a durable surface and it is an easy to clean material commonly used in kitchen appliances. Stainless steel ensures longevity and adds an elegant look to the air fryers.


The Ninja DT201 comes with a comparatively higher price range than Ninja SP201. The price varies from store to store. The Ninja DT201 is priced under $300, while the Ninja SP201 is priced under $200. The price difference between the two models for their specifications & features.

Which one offers value for money?

After careful evaluation, it becomes evident that the Ninja SP201 provides better value for money in comparison to the Ninja DT201.

Although the DT201 offers certain advantages, such as a larger capacity, a wider temperature range, and more cooking presets. But these differences may not be significantly impactful for the majority of home cooking requirements.

However, it is important to note that the SP201 possesses several distinct advantages that contribute to its superior value proposition.

The device has been designed to be significantly lighter and more compact. Which not only enhances its portability but also makes it easier to use. Having a big usability advantage is a significant benefit. Also, you can enjoy quicker cooking cycles with a shorter preheat time.

It offers the core air frying functionality at a much more affordable price point. The Ninja SP201 comes in at approximately $100 less than the DT201.

Despite having a slightly narrower temperature range and fewer presets, the appliance can still effectively handle common recipes without significantly compromising cooking flexibility.

Robert’s Closing

In a comparison of Ninja DT201 vs SP201, both models have good build quality and cooking abilities with excellent reviews.  While the DT201 has some advantages, the SP201 emerges as the better value proposition for a $100 lower price point.

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