How to turn off beeping sound on Cosori air fryer?

How To Turn Off Beeping Sound On Cosori Air Fryer

Cosori users may opt to disable the beeper sound for a variety of reasons, such as avoiding disturbing others in the family or simply preferring a calmer cooking experience.

It’s fantastic to see you here searching for a solution, how to turn off the beeping sound on the Cosori air fryer. Let’s know how?

How To Turn Off Beeping Sound On Cosori Air Fryer?

You can turn off the beeping sound but you can reduce the beep sound on the COSORI air fryer by simply following these steps:

  • Goto “SETTINGS”.
  • Select “OPTIONS”.
  • Scroll down & Find “Beep”.
  • Reduce volume.
  • Finally, Click on “Save”.
  • Exit from the settings.
  • Restart your air fryer.

Using Electric Tape:

I want to remind you that any modifications you make to your device are done at your own risk and may void your warranty, I’m happy to say that this process is really easy and should only take a couple of minutes.

  • Using a butter knife, remove the cover from the Cosori air fryer’s top.
  • Let’s find the speaker where the beeping sound is coming from!
  • Use electric tape over there with caution and care.
  • Then, securely closed the lid back to its original position by gently pushing it down.
  • The sound of beeping will decrease significantly or even turn off completely.

Will Turning Off The Beeping Sound Affect The Cooking Process?

No, turning off the beeping sound on your Cosori air fryer will not affect the cooking process. You can continue to cook your meal as you normally would in the air fryer.

The beeping sound is only a notification feature that lets you know when the cooking cycle has finished or when you push any button on the control panel.

Your Cosori air fryer may have a variety of issues when you try to switch off the beeping sound, including error notifications, overheating notifications, software glitches, etc.

Therefore, it is preferable to lower the beep volume rather than try to completely stop it.

Why does my Cosori air fryer keep beeping?

Similar to other kitchen appliances, air fryers may encounter occasional issues that can be frustrating for users. A common problem that users of the Cosori air fryer may experience is the device producing repeated beeping sounds.

But, many potential reasons may be behind why your COSORI air fryer might beep. The following are some of the most typical causes. But don’t worry, they can be easily addressed:


If the air fryer grows too hot, it may beep to warn you. This can happen if you use the air fryer for a long time or if you make greasy or smokey food.

Cosori, they are designed their products with internal safety features to ensure they never overheat. The air fryer of Cosori beeps to let you know it’s keeping a close eye on the temperature and will alert you if it needs a little break to cool down.

Ready Alert:

When the cooking time is finished, most air fryers, including Cosori models, will emit a pleasant beep to notify you that your tasty meal is ready! This is an amazing feature that will always let you know when your delicious meal is ready!

Improper Closure:

COSORI air fryers come with special features that can determine whether the basket is properly closed. Properly close it to stop the beeping noise. When using the air fryer, rest assured that the cover or basket is securely in place.

Error or malfunction:

A properly functioning air fryer gives off a short beep as a courtesy or a reminder that it is even present in the kitchen.

But, continuous beeping, it may be caused by a minor sensor issue, a simple heating element trouble, or other controllable internal concerns.

In such cases, it is excellent to have the option to approach Cosori customer support for help!

These are some of the most significant reasons for beeping. Therefore, the specific cause could vary based on models and features of Cosori air fryer. But don’t worry, they can be easily resolved!

Can I stop beeping sound permanently?

No, Cosori still hasn’t made a way for their air fryers to stop making beeping noises. But there are ways that significantly decrease the volume.

However, the “beep” sound cannot be disabled via the Cosori Air Fryer’s control settings. If you want to permanently stop the beeping, you must detach the speaker’s connection or cover it with tape to mute the noise.

But you need to think about the warranty issue first before you do it. But, the “beep” sound can be lowered via the Cosori Air Fryer’s control settings.

How to Resolve COSORI air fryer beeping?

Discover the potential solutions below to successfully fix the beeping issue with your Cosori air fryer:

Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Place your air fryer in a properly ventilated location where it is not obstructed by any objects. Ensure that there is plenty of space for optimal airflow. If it’s beeping because of overheating, wait for it to cool down before trying to use it again.

Factory Reset:

Fortunately, many types have a factory reset button or a combination of buttons that can be pressed to easily perform a reset. Discover the exciting possibilities of your COSORI model by exploring its features, including the reset button.

You can easily find out how to use it by referring to the user instructions or reaching out to the friendly and knowledgeable Cosori customer service team. They will be more than happy to assist you in making the most of your appliance.

Ensure Proper Closure:

Make sure the air fryer’s container is securely closed and in place. Moving the lid to the appropriate position to stop beeping, regardless of whether it is currently open or not.

Check the instruction manual:

Follow the directions in your air fryer’s manual. There is frequently a section on troubleshooting that provides thorough instructions for resolving typical issues and beeping alerts.

Speak with customer service:

If the beeping noise continues or you’re unsure how to resolve the issue, it’s a great idea to reach out to Cosori customer support. They’ll be able to assist you and find a solution.

They are experts who can provide you with valuable advice suited to your specific model, helping you identify any issues and offering solutions if necessary.

Robert’s Closing

You might be pleasantly surprised by a unique noise and wonder, “How to turn off beeping sound on Cosori air fryer?”

Most Cosori air fryers have helpful beep notifications for a variety of reasons, such as letting you know when your food is perfectly cooked, alerting you to any errors, ensuring safety by warning of overheating, and more.

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