How to Clean Ninja Air Fryer? Make it look brand new!

How To Clean Ninja Air Fryer

The Ninja air fryer is a fantastic cooking tool for your kitchen. It not only fries food with little or no oil, but it also features a variety of options that make cooking simple. Air fryers, like your microwave, toaster oven, or any other kitchen equipment, need regular cleaning and maintenance.

If you do not clean your air fryer, it will not work efficiently and will gather bad smells and tastes that will transfer directly into your newly cooked meal. Grease can also build up in dirty air fryers, which can make your fryer smoke and lower the quality of the food. So, in this blog article, I’ll explain to you how to clean Ninja air fryer so that it can cook properly and last a long time.

What are the fundamental parts of an air fryer?

What Are The Fundamental Parts Of An Air Fryer

If you want to clean your air fryers perfectly, you should learn about their fundamental parts. The fundamental components of an air fryer are:


All air fryers contain a heating element, which is typically positioned at the top of the appliance. The temperature for the air fryer is generated electrically by this heating coil. The temperature for the air fryer is generated electrically by this heating coil.


Each air fryer features a fan to uniformly disperse the heat produced by the heating source. For safety concerns, the majority of fans are concealed behind a grid.


The cooking basket is a detachable container into which you may place food. This may be taken off and cleaned independently. Most air fryers include a second, detachable basket that is used to catch any drips and food trimmings.

Main Unit:

The component that is hooked into the power outlet is the main unit. It should never be immersed or in contact with significant quantities of water since it houses all of the device’s electrical components, including the heating element and fan.


The air fryer’s vent is often located on the rear. It releases any extra steam from the gadget and prevents it from overheating. When in use, leave a minimum of 5 inches of space behind your device to avoid damaging the air fryer and creating a danger.

Setting Elements:

The main unit contains all of the device’s buttons, displays, and settings. These let you choose a temperature setting, cooking time, and extra parameters like cooking technique, depending on the device.

What are the air fryers cleaning tools?

The essential tools and kits:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Surface cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Cloth or, towel
  • Toothbrush

What is the easiest way to clean?

It is very important to know how to clean Ninja air fryer properly. If you don’t clean your air fryer, it will smell bad. It won’t work as it should. So, here are the most simple way to clean your air fryer:

  • First, turn the thing off and unplug it. Safety is very important.
  • Take out everything that can be removed. This includes trays, pans, drip racks, and anything else that goes with them.
  • Use warm soapy water to clean the parts that come off. Don’t scrub these parts with anything too rough.
  • Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t put any part of the Ninja air fryer in the dishwasher directly.
  • Get rid of food that has stuck to the oven/basket. Look inside the air fryer’s basket if you want to. You might see that some food or grease is still stuck to the walls. Use a toothbrush to loosen them, then a damp cloth to take them off. The lid of the Ninja air fryer is best cleaned on its own.
  • Remove the device’s lid with screwdriver and wash it with warm soapy water, just like the other parts. When you screw the cover back on, be sure all of the residue is gone.
  • If the outside of the Ninja air fryer is very greasy, wipe it down. This shouldn’t be something you have to do too often, but it’s a good habit to get into.
  • Put everything back together. Before making your next meal, let it dry completely. You can use your Ninja air fryer again now that you’ve cleaned it.

How do you deep clean an air fryer?

If you use your air fryer on a daily basis but haven’t cleaned it in a long time. Then, it begins to emit an unpleasant smell. When you will need to do a more in-depth cleaning operation.

It is imperative that you thoroughly clean each and every component of it. This will assist with removing any oil or dirt that may be the cause of the device smoking or having an unpleasant smell.

The procedures are quite similar to the light cleaning that you perform after you have finished cooking, although there are a few more of them. I will go into more detail about it in the next section.

Cleaning The Baking Pan, Basket

The baking pan and basket are integral components of the oven. To clean it, remove it from the oven first. Then, dispose of any food scraps or garbage in the trash.

Next, rinse the basket with dish soap and warm water. Afterward, dry it with a fresh towel or cloth. Be careful not to damage the basket’s nonstick coating by scrubbing too hard.

Clean the interior

Start by cleaning the heating element with hot water and a soft cloth or sponge that won’t scratch. Using a damp cloth or sponge and a drop or two of dish soap, remove grease from the heating element.

The second step is to wash away the soap with hot, clean water. You could flip the air fryer over to make it easier to clean the heating element. Using a food brush with soft bristles, remove any stubborn bits of food or residue.

Thirdly, clean the inside with a sponge or cloth dampened with hot water and made for smooth surfaces. A small amount of dish soap can get rid of grease. When it comes to getting rid of old, crusted-over meals, a cleaning brush with soft bristles may be enough. Finally, after cleaning the air fryer, let it dry all the way through by letting it dry in the air.

Clean the exterior

The simplest approach is to clean the outer surface of your air fryers. Simply use a damp sponge or towel and little water with a little detergent to clean the outside. Bleach and glass cleaners should be avoided. Never clean your air fryer by putting it in water. If the exterior of your fryer is stainless steel, use stainless steel wipes to clean it.

How to clean Ninja air fryer heating element

Air fryers include a number of moving elements, but one of the most crucial is the heating element, which generates the hot air used to cook the food. Without proper cleaning of the heating element, your food may cook unevenly or even taste burned. You can clean the heating element in your Ninja Air Fryer using a variety of techniques. The easiest option is to:

  • Use a moist towel to wipe the side down.
  • With a food brush, you can clean the heating components.
  • Cleaning the element with a toothpick will help if any stubborn dirt or debris remains.
  • However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t attempt to clean heating components by drowning them in water.
  • Don’t forget to wait until the air fryer is entirely dry before attempting to start it.

How to clean Ninja air fryer fan?

If the Ninja air fryer’s fan doesn’t work properly, you can’t cook perfectly through it. Basically, it is easy to clean.

  • Use a soft brush to take off dry dust.
  • Then, using a moist cloth, remove any big dirt or food particles.
  • Clean the surface of the blades with warm water and mild detergent.

Recently, I wrote comprehensive instructions about “how to clean Ninja air fryer fan” on this site. This article may be useful for you.

How to clean Ninja air fryer filter?

  • Find the Ninja air fryer’s location; it is usually located at the back or bottom of the appliance.
  • First, clear and lose the hard dust using a brush.
  • Then, use a vacuum to get rid of any dirt or dust that is on it.
  • Avoid using too much pressure while cleaning it.

The good news is waiting for you. For your kind information, there are primarily two categories of air fryer filters. One can be washed, whereas the other cannot. if you want to get more in-depth details about it. Please visit my website for complete information on “how to clean Ninja air fryer filter.”

How to get rid of bad smells?

You may detect offensive smells like grease, chemicals, or plastic. Actually, it might have a number of reasons. In general, if you do not clean and maintain your Ninja air fryer and some food particles and dust build there, it started to release horrible smells.

  • To begin, clean your air fryer well by following the steps that were provided above.
  • Then, add 1 spoon of white vinegar and 1 spoon of lemon juice to the fryer. After that, heat it for two minutes in your air fryer. The mixture absorbs smells.

If you want to fix it, you need to figure out what kind of smell you experience. The good news is that I already provide details information about it. You took the time to read the articles:

I’m hoping this information may help you to solve the smelly air fryer issue.

How to maintain Ninja air fryer?

Knowing how to clean Ninja air fryer and maintain it is crucial. If you want your air fryer to work as well as the day you bought it, you’ll need to clean it well after each use. This prevents and grease buildup from damaging the appliance.

Follow the directions to clean air fryer components correctly so that food particles don’t affect them. The most important thing to remember when using an air fryer is to never put too much food in it. When you put too much food in the basket, it doesn’t cook right. Also, it takes longer to cook.

Therefore, It is essential to inspect the components on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of your Ninja air fryer. Some components may become damaged over time, which may result in hot air leaks from the air fryer. Replace those components as soon as you detect any damage.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not try to wash fast your air fryer.
  • Do not scrub too hard.
  • Do not try to prepare excessive amounts of food.
  • Do not attempt to clean components by immersing them in water.
  • Do not turn on the air fryer until it is properly dry.

More To Know (FAQs):

Can I put the Ninja Air Fryer in the dishwasher for cleaning?

You can wash the Basket, Tray, and Pan in the dishwasher, but not the main unit, heating components, fan, or filter.

How do I clean the control panel and digital screen of the Ninja Air Fryer?

Wet tissue paper or a very lightly damp towel can be used to wipe out the control panel and the digital display.

Can I use any type of cleaning solution or detergent to clean my Ninja Air Fryer?

Never try to do it. Try to use light detergent or, air fryer cleaning solution to clean it.

Can I use vinegar or lemon juice to clean my Ninja Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use it. Also, it absorbs the air fryer’s bad smells.

Is it necessary to season the fryer basket and tray after cleaning?

It is crucial to season your Air Fryer before cooking and/or after cleaning in order to prevent food from sticking to the basket.

Can I use a scouring pad or steel wool to clean my Ninja Air Fryer?

Never clean the air fryer basket or pans with metal tools, steel wool, or abrasive sponges. These can ruin the non-stick surface.

Is it okay to store the fryer basket and tray in the air fryer unit?

Yeah, is it okay, you can store after cleaning. Keep remember, don’t forget to unplug your device after cooking.

Robert’s Closing

The Ninja air fryer is an excellent appliance that cooks food in the same way as deep-frying but with less oil. Air fryers are a great way to cook a wide range of foods in a short amount of time. It’s important to clean the element so that your food doesn’t cook unevenly or taste burnt.

When cleaning, take care not to harm the components. You already know how to clean Ninja air fryer using several approaches. Use these methods to thoroughly clean and maintain your air fryers. This will assist to prevent dust and debris. I hope you have a pleasant time in your kitchen.

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