Ninja Air Fryer E4 Error Code: Here’s how to fix the problem!

Ninja Air Fryer E4 Error Code

When it comes to air fryers, the interpretation of the E4 error code might vary depending on the manufacturer.

Despite this, the E4 error code for air fryers often indicates that there is a problem with the internal circuit.

Because of this, your machine will either power down or restart on its own.

There are a few other potential reasons for the E4 error code, including a faulty sensor or an unreliable power supply.

Why does air fryer E4 error code occur?

There are few potential reasons act behind this reason:

  • It may occur for internal circuit malfunctioning.
  • It may occur for a sensor failure
  • It may occur for an unreliable power supply.

How to fix air fryer E4 error code occurs?

  • E4 is a critical error code that damages the primary unit. When E4 or E5 error codes appear, turn off the device and contact customer support for assistance.
  • You may find the customer support number in your device’s user manual, or you can do a Google search to get customer service numbers for various manufacturers.


If you suspect an internal circuit issue, do not attempt to fix it yourself.

To prevent an unintended accident, contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

Robert’s Closing

The air fryer e4 error code implies an internal circuit fault, sensor failure, or an unstable power supply.

This may cause the air fryer to shut off or restart on its own.

If you get the E4 error code, you should switch off the device and contact customer service for help.

Trying to repair the internal circuit problem on your own might be harmful.

So leave it to the manufacturer’s customer service to prevent any unexpected consequences.

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